To say the the Maria Behety Estancia is sitting pretty successwise is a huge understatement. The Menendez family was one of the first families to stake a claim in the barrien land of fire back in the mid 1850’s. At one point Alejandro’s family owned almost all of the Tierra del Fuego. Over the years plots of land were sold off and now they sit comfortably with more than 100,000 acres of prestine grazing land and an entire side of the best sea run brown trout fishery The Rio Grande. The goods don’t stop there. Upon this vast stretch of real estate, they boast the largest sheep sheering operation in the world with over 40,000 sheep and a couple thousand head of Argentina cattle.

We have our food covered.

Being in such a remote place as TDF the MB Estancia, which by the way is broken up into two fishing lodges, ranch offices, gaucho houses, barns, worker housing, a church, and numerous other buildings- must run off diesel generators. Convieniently, the estancia sits on a huge gas reserve underground where they drill for their own fuel.

No gas costs.

So what you’re left with is an almost totally off the grid five star ranching/fishing operation that caters to the upper class of North America and European society.

All profit.

Luckly, the guest reap the benefits of an amazing fishing experience. -M



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  1. Large Marge
    Large Marge says:

    Greenerman, ah, glad to see you’re not in a hospital with an amputated toe. Alas, quite the opposite. You know, maybe you shouldn’t blog because we’re all now completely jealous of you and will soon hate your guts. Quit it with the food pictures! You’re making me so hungry! I haven’t seen a rack of lamb like that in my entire life. I can tell you’re never, ever coming back… But that’s o.k., we’ll understand.

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