Spring is California is incredible. Everything has been so green and the temperature has held steady at around 65 degrees. All this nice weather has really brought people out in the community. It’s like someone flipped a switch. Now all of a sudden their have been a constant flow of pretty interesting stories and overall everyone around here has been in a good mood from the nice weather. Always a good thing. It has also been extremely busy around the newspaper. Hence my lack of posting. So here are some photos that I shot from the month of March.



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  1. Chris Detrick
    Chris Detrick says:

    Hi Mike,
    Nice set of pictures, but the first picture of the violinist is not working for me. I get a dizzy feeling when looking at it. Do you have anything else from that shoot?

  2. Mike Greener
    Mike Greener says:

    Hey Chris, Yeah I have a lot from that shoot. I was playing around with the angles of him playing his violin against that brick wall background. After shooting it to death, I decided to trying twisting my camera with the strokes of his bow. It was completely experimental. I see what you mean with the feeling of dizziness. I'll see if I can put another one up from that shoot. Appreciate the feedback amigo.

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