A look into the preparation of of the California Farms Duck Club and their efforts to create habitat to sustain their life-long love of duck hunting in the Suisun Marsh.

For the past couple of months, a reporter from my newspaper and I have started working on a year long documentary project focusing on the Suisun Marsh and the Delta. With water usage being such a hot topic in California, we wanted to explore all of the groups and organizations that are staking their claim for water rights. Our first subjects were members of a local duck club and their year-round dedication and passion for creating habitat for waterfowl. I had a great time hanging out with these guys. Stay tuned over the next year for other installments to this series. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. -M



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  1. Tom McCarthy Jr.
    Tom McCarthy Jr. says:

    There's something about that shot of him with the whistle and the last two photos here that immediately make me think of the stacks of Nat Geo's that used to be on the shelf in my classroom in 4th grade. Good work.

  2. Chris Detrick
    Chris Detrick says:

    Nice work Mike. Some of the colors in the video look a bit washed out, but there are some very nice moments in there.

  3. Mike Greener
    Mike Greener says:

    Chris, Thanks for checking out the video. I hear you on the washed out colors of some of my images. I am clueless when it comes to exporting in Final Cut Pro. Somewhere in that process, my rich colors are being destroyed. It's driving me crazy. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

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