Last week I was assigned to come up with a series of photos for publication on our occasional Viewfinder photo page. It’s always a fun assignment because it offers us staff photographers a chance to go off and explore. Summer time usually translates to me being busy with photographing weddings and therefore the opportunities for me to get out into the wilderness are few. With this Viewfinder assignment, opportunity knocked. I decided to head up to Hyalite Canyon just outside of Bozeman, Montana. It is a beautiful place right in our backyard and I’ve had little time to check it out. So I spent a day watching, talking to and photographing locals and tourists alike who were enjoying this local resource. I was another reminder of why I love living in Montana. Thanks for looking. -M

For the past two months my world has been wedding photography. Things have been going great but the combination of my full time job at the newspaper in addition to the full time workload of the weddings has been very successful in keeping me busy these past summer months. Hence my slowness in updating my photo blog. Here is some work I made throughout the month of July at the newspaper. Thanks for looking. -M

Another fun month has come and gone. Here is some recent work from my staff photographer position at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Happy 4th of July everyone!