We made it. Being in a foreign place like Buenos Aire is a lot like being a kid lost in a toy store with out his mom. Overwhelming yet inticing. I´m sure we will be able to find our way through but it is definately a bit of a culture shock. Actually who am I kidding it´s a huge trip. Turned out our hostel was 45 minutes outside of Buenos Aires in the city of Tigre. This was a rude awakening at 1 a.m. in a airport after a whole day of traveling. Throw in the fact that the spanish we though we knew went right out the window as we sped past the stray dogs along the deserted, sketchy grafittied streets in a bottomed out cab…. We find ourselves having an adventure. After a successful mission of ordering cheeseburgers (the only spanish we knew), we are coming to our senses and dialing down our bearings. After a day or two we kick start our travels and will head south into the Patagonia. I´m planning on getting some pictures up here soon. More to come. -M



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