After a month and a half of traveling in the Patagonia, I was finally able to meet back up with my brother Eric and his new Brazilian girlfriend, Tianna in Puerto Montt, Chile. I had heard word from a buddy of mine named Jordan that he was working on getting a new fishing lodge up and running for his employer and that we were welcome to visit.

We met up with Jordan and Dan, fishing guides for the Rapids Camp Lodge in Alaska and we took the ferry towards the small coastal town of Hornoprien. We crossed the bay while seals porpoised out of the water esorting us towards the opposite shore. If there was any indication about what our time would be like I only had to look down. Trucks filled with sheep to be sold and slaughtered and as the ferry edged closer to shore you could watch schools of fish riding along side the ferry.

We arrived at the lodge to be greeted by the caretaker who informed us that he had just killed a sheep for an asado that evening and had many boxes of wine to wash it all down. This would be the beginning of a week long habit of cooking gourmet meals.



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