For the few lucky individuals that can get a spot in {and afford} a week stay at the Maria Behety, the experience is nothing more than spectacular. Being at the end of the earth doesnt hinder the comforts of finding yourself in a 4 star lodge complete with gourmet meals, fancy rooms and “The best sea run brown trout fishing” worldwide. Our days began early beginning with a light breakfast and multiple cups of coffee. It was needed because would gather our things head to the wader room, boot up and be driving out to the fishing holes by about 8.30 am.

The guides would help clients gear up their rods, show them the runs and let them know the best routes to hook into some fish. Over the years, many fisherman especially those who have been before have opted for the casting power of spey rods over their typical single handed rods. Almost 99% of the clients coming here to the EMB have been fishing for years having this outing to Tierra del Fuego be the pinacle of their lifetime of fishing. They come for the huge trout. What they don’t realize it that is will be some of the most windy conditions most of them have ever seen. Their is no such thing as a good caster here. Half of the time you are juggling having to brace your footing in the water so that you don’t get blown down stream while at the same time you are trying to cast across the pool in hurricane-like conditions. The use of the spey rods, which can range from 10-15 ft in length, enable the caster to throw alot more line with less effort. It is tricky fishing but the results are worth while.



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